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Although a lot of people insist that luck-based games cannot be predicted in any way, the truth is that even those games cannot be entirely random. If you took a look at the online versions of practically any luck-based casino games, you would be able to notice that there is some kind of a pattern that might seem chaotic and completely random, but it does have the capability of being predicted. One of the things you need to know is that in real life, the outcome of games like roulette and craps revolves heavily around physics, whereas in the software version the physics might not be present, and the random number generator is used instead.

Don’t Think that You can Control the Game

If you are into playing craps, you should know that there are a lot of systems and different strategies devised by other players to help out the newcomers figure out the game or at least affect the house edge, bringing into their favor instead. Keep in mind that these strategies and sequences can take a long time to be completed in succession, and the longer you progress is the more you will lose. A simple strategy can help you minimize the house edge, which will in turn increase your chances of winning more often. Comparing to blackjack, craps is a game that is fairly easy to learn, and strategies you can follow can help you lower the house edge and turn this luck-based game into something that gives you a bigger chance of winning your bets.

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Wait for the Perfect Time

You can start off by choosing to bet on the pass line more times in a row. This way, if the shooter rolls an 11 or a 7, your bets will be won, but if he rolls 2, 3 or 12, you are going to lose. The point of this entire strategy is to wait for the shooter to roll any number between 1 and 10. In this instance, this will be an even odds bet, which will give you a higher chance to win than you normally would. At the beginning, when you make the first bet on the pass line, the house edge would be approximately 1.41%, but if you managed to win and you bet next time by doubling your original wager, you will find that the house edge will drop to 0.6%.

The House Always Wins

While this is going to increase your winning odds, be sure to remember that this won’t exactly let you control the game altogether. It can briefly turn the game into a positive expectation session, but remember that by ultimately using this system for a long time can actually report it back to a negative expectation, which means that you are bound to lose if you use the system for too long. A good place to stop is where you have managed to rake in enough bets to cover your losses and actually make a profit. Even if you do lose in the end, you should stop as soon as you notice a larger losing streak, and remember that things to reducing the house edge, you will still be able to prevent huge cash losses.