Best mobile keno games online

Keno is a popular classic lottery and casino game, with its origins in ancient China. It has been popular in land-based casinos for a while, but like many other casino games it also had made the jump to online casino platforms and now mobile casino platforms.

Mobile keno is similar to standard keno games, though there are a few notable differences. For one, mobile keno is played on the mobile platform, making it far more convenient and more easily accessible for New Zealand players than standard keno games.

How to Play Mobile Keno

While standard keno generally allows players to pick from numbers one to seventy, mobile keno allows players to pick from numbers one to eighty. Once players have decided how much they wish to bet, that is, what their wager is, they will be able to pick as many numbers as they wish to play, ranging from one to fifteen.

Once players have made their selection of numbers, the mobile computer system will automatically select the twenty winning keno numbers. This is far more instantaneous than other keno lottery games, which are often drawn once a day or at set times throughout the day. In mobile keno, players will not have to wait to check if they have selected winning numbers. The results will be displayed straightaway.

Winning at Mobile Keno

Every number that players have chosen that also end up as one of the twenty final winning numbers is called a hit. If players manage to land enough hits or lucky numbers, they will win a prize.

How much players stand to win in mobile keno depends entirely on the number of figures picked and how many of them match the final twenty winning numbers.

If players only pick one number and that number hits, they will receive a three-to-one payout on their initial bet. If players pick six numbers and manage to land two hits, they will win back their initial bet. If they land six hits, this will pay out seventy-five to one.

If players pick all fifteen numbers available, then five hits will give them back their original bet, ten hits will reward them with a payout of one hundred and fifty to one, and fifteen hits will land them the ten thousand payout jackpot.

This is the largest jackpot available on New Zealand mobile keno, making the game tremendously appealing to a wide range of casino and lottery players and also to online slots for new zealand players.

The exact winnings and payouts of each result will be visible on the pay table of mobile keno.

Reasons for Playing Mobile Keno

There are many reasons that players choose to play mobile keno, and the large jackpot is just one of them. Mobile keno is more instantaneously rewarding than standard daily keno.

In addition, mobile keno, through its very nature of being available on a mobile device, is more easily accessible than standard keno games and much more convenient for players. They can play at any time no matter where they are, as long as they have a working data or Wi-Fi connection.