Free Bets Explained for Online Punters

A free bet is essentially the bookmaker’s version of a casino bonus and it’s an amount of money or a set wager that a sportsbook provides to punter as a reward. Free bets are complimentary sums of money that can then be used to wager on a specific sport or race and can result in a very rewarding outcome should your prediction prove to be correct.

A free bet must be used for the purpose it is intended for and punters can’t simply withdraw the money unless they have utilised it as the sportsbook intended. However once you meet the sportsbooks requirements you are free to cash out your winnings and in some cases the original stake amount awarded to you by the site.

Choosing a Free Bet

When choosing from the best free bets online it is essential that you take into account your wagering style, the type of sports you prefer betting on and the value that this reward would add to your experience. Comparing free bet offers across a number of sportsbooks will help you get a good idea about what’s available and you’ll quickly see which sites feature the bets rewards. Some sportsbooks only feature free bets for new or existing payers, and a site that boasts regular rewards will be the one you’ll want to go for.

What Can I use a Free Bet for?

Many punters may wonder what they can use their free bets on, and this is usually dependent on what the sportsbook has dictated. Some sportsbooks allow you to use free bets on just about any markets and have no or few restrictions, whilst others insist that a free bet is used for a particular game or match. It’s essential that you take note of what you can wager on when claiming a free bet and also whether there is a time limit attached to the offer.

When can I Claim a Free Bet?

This again often depends on the sportsbook that you have selected and online bookies may vary in their rewards programs. Some sportsbooks let you claim your bet without making a deposit, whilst other free bets are awarded to regular punters or to those who have made their first deposit. Sometimes you’ll need to have placed a real money bet before you can claim a free bet, whilst at other times the free bet amount can be added to a wager you are about to place.

Do I have to register to Claim a No Deposit Reward?

If a sportsbook offers a microgaming no deposit bonus it may still require you to sign up and complete the registration process, yet no financial commitment will be needed. This is simply to ensure that the site has captured your details and so that should you choose to make a deposit at a later stage its far faster and easier. A sportsbook will also need to pay the free bet amount into your account, hence the importance of registering.

Free bets are very rewarding and when put to good use can result in some lucrative returns. If you find a sportsbook that features great promotional deals on a regular basis we suggest you sign up and start taking advantage.