Go Bananas Slot is Jungle Themed Game with Lots of Monkeys

Go Bananas is a bright and colourful slot game by NetEnt. The screen is filled with various monkeys, all done in an attractive and vivid cartoon like style.  Instead of the usual Wild symbol, Go Bananas has five Wilds, all of them different monkeys, and there is no Scatter symbol.

The background is like a stage set in a typical tropical jungle, surrounded by palm trees and bongo drums. The ten main symbols, apart from the five Wild monkeys, include plums, limes, pineapples, oranges and coconuts. You will also a money clip and a pink gem, and plenty of bananas. Go Bananas is a five reel slot game, with twenty fixed pay lines.

Five Wild Symbols Instead Of the Usual One

A special feature in the game Go Bananas are the five different Wild symbols that can appear on all reels. They are all different species of monkey or ape, and each one has its own behaviour pattern and offers different benefits. The five Monkeys, like all Wilds can substitute for all other symbols in a winning combination. When any of the five Wild Monkeys appear on the reels they will turn all adjacent symbols into Wilds too, which offers players a wide range of possible winning combinations. And each time you do win, a great big ape appears from nowhere on the screen to congratulate you!

The Benefits of each Wild Monkey

The Wild Baboon symbol on the reels will change two other symbols, reading vertically, and this strip can even cover an entire reel.

The Wild Tarsier symbols changes one adjacent symbol into a Wild symbol, reading either horizontally or vertically.

The Wild Gorilla symbol appearing on any reel will transform the four adjacent symbols into Wilds. This will create an X shape on the reels.

Aside from free offers , A Wild Orang-utan on a reel will make the three neighbouring symbols turn into Wilds, forming a square of four Wild symbols.

A Wild Langur showing on any of the reels will turn two other symbols into Wilds, which lie horizontally on one of the rows. This will create a block of three Wild symbols.

Opportunities for Good Wins

Each monkey in Go Bananas has its own personality, and you can expect any kind of action from them. In fact, you will see a group of the monkeys dancing wildly on the screen whenever one of their faces appears. It is also possible to find more than one Monkey appearing on the reels in a single spin, and when this happens, you may find yourself richer by a large amount.

These five Wilds are the only feature in Go Bananas, and there are no free spins or other bonus rounds available, although the monkey business in this game can also be rich business. Anyone who enjoys fast paced spinning and winning, will really enjoy this game.

You can play Go Bananas slot game on a mobile device too, whether an iPhone or iPad, or an https://onlinecasinobc.net/android/ device. NetEnt has adapted this fun game for any mobile device and the features are exactly the same as in the online version, and has ensured that all players will have a great deal of fun, and find plenty of chances to win a great payout.