Going into the Past with Euro 2016 Details for Bettors

The 2015 UEFA European Championship, also commonly referred to simply as UEFA Euro 2016 or Euro 2016, was the 15th UEFA European Championship. This is a European quadrennial men’s football championship organised by the UEFA. The Euro 2016 took place in France across all major cities during the months of June and July 2016, with the final in Stade de France, Saint Denis, just outside Paris. The Euro 2016 was won by Portugal.

This was the first time the Euro 2016 tournament involved twenty-four teams, away from the sixteen teams format that had been used since 1996. The twenty-four teams were put into six groups of four each, and they play each once.

Set Up of the Euro 2016

France was the only team guaranteed to take part in the Euro 2016 as they were the hosting nation, and so this was the only team sports bettors knew from the get-go they could bet on. All other teams had to participate in play-off games in November the year before, and the final draws were taken from there. This means that sports bettors wishing to become well-acquainted with the teams that are playing should possibly be following European football in general to get a sense of who the competing teams are. Betting on a winner, though, is notoriously difficult, as strong teams such as England, Germany, Spain, and Italy are not the most likely to win, and smaller teams such as Denmark and Greece have won in the past.

Betting Odds for the Euro 2016

Betting odds for the Euro 2016 were mostly based on who was most likely to win the final match and emerge as the champions. Teams that were considered to be in the running to win the Euro 2016 crown included Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Holland.

However, as with all sports betting, it is not always advisable to go with the crowd favourite. Most reputable online sports bookies will provide betting options, offering competitive odds for all stages of the championship, and this was no different for the Euro 2016 or any other major football championship.

Playing Accumulator Bets

There had been rising debate of whether sports bettors should have placed single bets or accumulator bets, and by and large the consensus is that for larger championships, like the Euro 2016, accumulator wages can offer higher chances of profits.

There are a few guidelines that sports bettors can keep in mind here. For one, they can register multiple betting accounts at multiple bookmakers. This means that any fluctuations in prices will be covered as sports bettors can always put down more bets. Of course, players should also adjust their bet to the number of selections made and the overall odds, simply because accumulator bets can only offer profits if all selections win.

In addition, sports bettors should take accumulator bonuses into consideration, and research which sites offer the best accumulator bonuses. Sometimes these can offer up to a one hundred per cent cash bonus on top of the winnings, creating great additional value for the sports bettor.