Mobile Baccarat at New Zealand Casinos

Mobile Baccarat is the on-the-go version of one of the most popular casino games in New Zealand and the world, and it allows players to enjoy its entertainment from wherever they happen to be.

The name for the game comes from the Italian word for zero, and this applies to Mobile Baccarat in that all of the 10s and Face Cards are worth zero points. Another important rule for this game that New Zealand players will need to keep in mind is that only the right-hand digit counts when it comes to totalling the value of a hand: a Jack, 5, and 8 would equal 13, which means it would count as 3 points.

The Process of Playing

In order to start a Mobile Baccarat game at a New Zealand casino, you will be required to place a bet on either the hand belonging to the Player, or the one belonging to the Banker, or on the fact that these Hands will Tie.

Two Mobile Baccarat Cards will then be dealt to the Player and Banker, and occasionally a third will also be distributed to either, or both. Players will not be able to choose to Hit or Stand, however, and this third Card will be dealt according to a specific set of formulas that the game’s Dealer abides by.

After the Mobile Baccarat Cards have been dealt, the point values of each of the hands will be added up and the hands will be compared. The highest possible total is 9.

Payouts Available for Play

If the New Zealand player has dealt on the Player’s Hand, and that Hand goes on to win, he or she will be paid out an even-money total on the Bet. Thus, a winning NZ$ 10 Bet will net him or her an extra 10.

If the player has bet on the Banker’s Hand, and that Hand is the successful one, then the player will gain an even-money payout minus a 5% commission, which goes to the House. Thus, a winning 10 Bet on the Banker’s Hand will have the player see an extra NZ$ 9.5.

Players betting on a Tie and having the Hands Tie will walk away with an 8:1 payout on the bet, with winning 10 Bet thus paying out a whopping 80. This Hand holds the key to biggest payout possible for the game of Mobile Baccarat as played in New Zealand’s casinos alongside real money online blackjack.

Enjoying Mobile Baccarat Games

As can be seen, although this game has a somewhat fearsome reputation for being quite difficult to learn how to play, this is not the case. Players will be able to enjoy it free for as long as they may want to as well, and the switch over to real money versions is as easy as one-two-three.

Thanks to how low the Bet minimums are, play can continue for extended periods of time, and the quick pace will perk up any player with a couple of minutes to spare.