Review of The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland

Although there are many players increasingly opting for online casinos over their land-based counterparts, there are certain venues that have been able to weather the World Wide Web storm and keep going despite the many conveniences this alternate form of access is able to provide. Dublin’s Colossus Casino is one such place, and there are many players who feel a trip to this city is a wasted one without a visit to this first-rate place to play.

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland is able to offer arguably the most varied and enjoyable real-money casino experience in all of the Irish capital, and many players think of it as far more than a casino, as it attracts a diverse array of players looking to experience the inimitable atmosphere the venue is able to provide. Of course, there is a good array of casino games available here, with table games being the focus, but a large part of its appeal rises from the manner in which it manages to mix sports bar elements with its casino ones, with almost all major sporting events being shown throughout the premises on its main screen and five smaller ones spread out through the venue.

Great Games Available at Colossus Casino

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland is situated on Montague Street, and casino games fans who prefer table games will find it as enjoyable an experience as they could hope to have, with this place to play providing one of the biggest arrays of table game selections available. There are standard games like blackjack and roulette on offer across numerous tables, and Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland is also famous for being one of the only venues in this city at which players can enjoy the Brit Brag casino poker game. These, along with the provision of a recurring poker tournament timetable that has games available each night of the week, will prove to new players the reason behind the widespread fascination this venue has managed to inspire.

The Highlights of Colossus Casino

The sheer variety of and exceptional amount of promotions is what makes this land-based casino as popular as it is, and it is able to hold its own with even some of the top places to play based on the World Wide Web.

The core offering of Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland, table games, is backed up with a cash poker league, allowing Irish players and visitors from other countries to indulge in their passion for this beloved card game with ease. It is open from 8pm to 8am every day of the week, unusual for Dublin casinos, and is able to thus allow players to take up any offers Lady Luck may make them as soon as they wish to.

Experiencing the Colossus Casino Online

It can be challenging to accurately identify an online casino that is able to truthfully represent what a land-based venue is able to offer, but Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland has already done all the hard work in this regard by partnering with a well-recognised online brand in the form of Mr Green Casino. This deal was brokered in 2014, and allows its members to keep the tradition of first-class bonuses and promotions online as well as at the brick-and-mortar premises it is located at.