More about the Features of New Online Casinos

Every new online casino appearing in Canada offers an even bigger number of the new games and promotions that before. The online casino industry has grown tremendously over the last few years, together with the advance in technology, and it is almost impossible to keep pace with all the new online casino developments. Of course … Read moreMore about the Features of New Online Casinos

Basics of Video Poker for Online Players

Video Poker has been around since the 1970s and was known as poker slots as video poker is played on a machine that looks very much like a slot machine. The game of Video Poker uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) as do slot machines. New Zealand online casino players will find that Video Poker is a fast paced game and offers great entertainment with sound effects and lights. Although Video Poker is considered a game of chance, players do have to make good decisions which does require some skill. For New Zealand video poker players the good news is that this casino game has the best odds and the house edge could even go as low as 0.5%.  Having a good strategy will help players to improve their video poker game much like

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