The Value of Playing Crazy 80’s Slot

Crazy 80’s is an online slots game that aims to appeal to players with sentimental memories of the eighties. Using an array of icons that characterised the decade of the 1980’s, this game’s theme will trigger memories of this period of their lives for anyone who was there. Rubik’s Cube, for instance, was never just the plastic turning device that famously fascinated the whole world, it was remembering the first time you saw a Rubik’s Cube, picturing the friends who helped you solve it, and people you amazed by being able to complete the cube afterwards.

Top of the Range Software Provider

Crazy 80’s is video slots game that is designed by Microgaming, and can therefore be found at the best casino sites. Microgaming software powered casinos provide the industry gold standard in so many areas, and quality slot machines are one of those areas. Crazy 80’s game is therefore representative of this game developers’ work, and therefore has excellent graphics, functional and intuitive to play and with sound effects that come out of the very top drawer.

Crazy 80’s Specifications

This is a 5 reels, nine payline video slots game with a highly specific theme featuring both Wild and Scatter symbols. The coin denomination spread is very broad, from the medium slot level of 0.25 coins to the high 5 coin level. With 9 paylines this means the maximum bet per spin is 45 coins. The top jackpot in Crazy 80’s slots is worth a remarkable 5000 coins. The symbols on the reels are obviously 80’s related snapshots showing iconic symbols such as belts and bangles, lip gloss, landline phones, magazines, hairspray and shoulder pads all set in slightly jarring pink, purple and blue décor.

Looking closely, there are a number of smaller items within the pictures such as a Rubik’s Cube, Ray Ban sunglasses and leg warmers.

The Wild symbol in Crazy 80’s slots game is the eighties hand accessory, the Boom Box, also known as a ghetto blaster. The wild functions in the standard way by completing any winning combination on an active payline by substituting for any other symbol except the Scatter symbol.

Winning the Jackpot

The jackpot in Crazy 80’s is won by landing a specific symbol. This symbol is the 80’s Girl picture. Five of these picture symbols appearing on an active payline wins the 5000 coin top jackpot. One of the primary features of the Crazy 80’s slot machine is the Scatter symbol. In a prophetic choice, the LP, or Long Playing Record is the Scatter symbol. Three or more of the scatters appearing on the reels provides a pay-out based upon the original stake placed. Five Scatter symbols is rewarded by 50x the original bet. This is why statistically the odds are less unfavourable to players if they activate all the paylines in the game, and why they should spin with nine coins each time.

Crazy 80’s slots game has the standard Microgaming auto play feature available for the more seasoned player. This feature speeds the game up markedly and experience is required to prevent substantial and rapid bankroll changes. Crazy 80’s is a fairly high variance slot and the jackpot of 5000 coins is significant.