Treasure Tomb slot

Treasure hunting and pulp action heroes hold a definite appeal, perhaps partly due to the irresistible lure of instant riches, and partly as a result of the typical bad-boy appeal usually radiating in streams from the ever-popular mortal heroes.  Who can forget the exciting edge of the seat scenes from films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

Treasure Tomb slot is a mix-up of an Indiana Jones-like treasure hunt and an Egyptian loot adventure – perfect for those daring to seek treasure and adventure by bravely crossing booby trapped floors.

Treasure Tomb slot is the creative work of 1×2 Gaming and can be played for real money or for free.

Rules Of Engagement

The game doesn’t include the usual slot game features such as paylines and reels, matching symbols or free spins.  The action plays out on a grid, 6 x 7 squares large.  The grid of squares is located within a tomb, with an emerald-eyed idol keeping watch, and surrounded by lit torches.

Each square on the grid is a different colour – red, purple, yellow, green and blue.  Each colour represents a multiplier value.  Red multiplies a successful bet by 5, purple applies a X3 multiplier, yellow will double your stake, green applies a 1.5 multiplier, and blue a 1.25 multiplier.

Game Of Chance

The higher the multiplier value, the higher the risk of losing the bet placed on the particular square.  Possible wins for each square can be viewed by hovering over the square.  The possible risk involved with regards to the particular proposed move is also displayed.  The player must make a decision by playing off the possible win against the possible risk involved in making the move.

A win will result in a successful multiplier applied to your bet.  A loss can have an array of dismal results: death by falling rocks, the sting of a poison dart, the death-stare invoked by the mummy sleeping at the end of the tomb or becoming spider-bait.

Aim Of The Treasure Tomb Slot Game

The aim is to not come to a ghastly end, but rather to proceed across the grid in order to reach the emerald-eyed idol.  Reaching the idol will result in a 10% of all total bets won, bonus prize.

Treasure Tomb Slot Bets

Bet amounts are pre-selected by using the arrows on each side of the bet bar, in order to increase or decrease the bet placed for the particular round.

After the bet is placed, the round is commenced.  A coloured block must now be selected, in order to play and proceed over the grid.  After each win, the player must make the choice to either collect the bet and start over, or to proceed onwards onto the next line of coloured blocks.

Selecting a losing block will forfeit all bets won during the particular round.

Risking a round’s winnings results in a chance to progress successfully over the grid and collect the 10% bonus cash prize from the emerald-eyed idol.