An Extensive Guide for Online Poker Players in New Zealand

Irrespective whether you’re a poker novice just stepping foot into the poker New Zealand scene, or a seasoned master that has spent years honing their craft at the poker tables, a quick search online will produce thousands of online poker sites and online casinos that feature virtual poker rooms.

The online poker industry is worth millions globally and the numbers of online poker sites each claiming their stake in the industry are staggering. The sheer amount of options out there can make choosing an appropriate online poker New Zealand site seem like a daunting challenge- but it needn’t be.

Players should remember that not all poker sites are created equally. Competition is fierce and there have been cases of some sites that have gone to unscrupulous lengths to attract customers, paying little attention to ensuring that players have a safe and enjoyable experience while on their site.

There are a few defining characteristics that can help you differentiate between the worst and best poker New Zealand sites.

You can be certain that the top poker New Zealand site will never:

Rely on False Advertising

You can bet your last dollar that the best poker New Zealand sites will never rely on false advertising and flashing gimmicks to attract visitors to their site. There are some online casinos and online poker sites that will stop at nothing to attract your attention, using false advertising and misleading promotions as their biggest lure.

The top-rated poker New Zealand sites will never advertise fictitious bonuses and promises of free money in an effort to exploit the good nature of unsuspecting players. Always trust your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Operate Without the Proper Licences and Regulation

An online poker site that doesn’t display any seals of certification from regulating bodies, industry watchdogs or oversight committee should have your alarm bells ringing. Ensure that the poker site you’re on is legally licenced and operates within the specific laws of the country that it is based in.  It is perfectly legal for New Zealand residents to visit and play at online casinos, as long as they are operated outside the borders of New Zealand.

An online poker site that displays its seal of certification from oversight committees such as eCOGRA, gives players the peace of mind that the site they’re on is consistently monitored to ensure fair gaming practices and that operational systems are maintained at the highest level.

Have a Reputation for Delayed Payouts

In the age of the internet reputation is everything. The very best sites will have an established and reputable reputation that has been well-maintained over the years. An excellent poker site is one that pays out winnings within 24 hours and is known for its smooth and uncomplicated payout process.

There have been cases of fly-by-night online casinos that have not paid out winnings to their players at all. Make sure you choose an online casino or online poker site that has a strong, credible reputation and is not known for their over complicated withdrawal processes, outlandish bonus requirements or the delayed pay out of winnings.