Esqueleto Explosivo Slot Explained Online

Esqueleto Explosivo is a unique and amusing online slot game from casino software developer Thunderkick. The game has an innovative and original layout and is based on the traditional Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead, during which native Mexican people take time to celebrate and pay their respects to their deceased ancestors, family and friends.

The game’s name translates from Spanish to ‘Exploding Skeletons’, which refers to the game symbols of Mexican skulls that explode when a winning reel combination appears. Esqueleto Explosivo features 5 reels and 17 paylines in a standard slots format and offers a wild feature and a progressive win multiplier to increase players’ winnings with every matching combination.

Game Graphics and Theme

The game is set in a picturesque Mexican town square at dusk, where the skeleton musician character Enrico Mortis is playing along with his skeletal mariachi band, surrounded by candles, lanterns, flowers and photographs of deceased relatives. The graphics of Esqueleto Explosivo are both of a high quality and very entertaining, and the Day of the Dead theme is perpetuated by the detailed design of the game’s pay table, symbols and background.

A notable feature of the game is its sound effects, as the mariachi band plays cheerful Mexican-themed music at certain intervals during the game. Additionally, each time a winning combination appears, the skull symbols will sing part of a song as well before they explode.

Esqueleto Explosivo Reel Symbols

There are 5 main reel symbols in the game, which also serve as the skulls of the singing characters in the mariachi band. The symbols are green, turquoise, orange, blue and pink skulls that have been fashioned after traditional Mexican Day of the Dead skull designs and animated to create entertaining game characters.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Esqueleto Explosivo online slots is the humorous-looking yellow skull, which wears a pair of oversized aviator sunglasses and is surrounded by sparks. This Explosivo Wild symbol substitutes all other game symbols and also comes with a unique feature, whereby it explodes all other 8 symbols surrounding it to improve players’ wins, simultaneously enhancing players’ chances of a win multiplier.

Game Features and Extras

Esqueleto Explosivo incorporates a Dropping Symbols feature, which is similar to the cascading reels feature of many other real money slots games. This feature explodes matching reel symbols from the game area to make space for others, which drop down from above to refill the play area with more symbols. This structure can see players matching winning combinations again and again as more matching symbols drop onto the pay table.

The Mucho Multipliers feature can also make for big wins. This win multiplier feature increases players’ wins with every consecutive winning symbol combination, starting at 1x the bet and increasing to 2x, 4x, 8x, 18x and 32x the bet with each consecutive exploding combination. Players can also keep track of the multiplier’s progress and observe their winnings growing by watching the Mucho Multipliers indicators at the bottom of the Esqueleto Explosivo pay table.