Caulfield Cup Betting in New Zealand

Thanks to the revolutionary introduction of the internet, the world of online sports betting was born and has since evolved into the phenomenon that can be seen today, subsequently allowing punters from all over the world to join an international betting community.

One of Australia’s biggest and much-loved horse racing events, the Caulfield Cup draws in a massive online crowd from all over the world, and New Zealand is one such country that has truly shown interest.

The Spring Carnival attracts a large number of racing fans every year as it is, with the race days such as the Caulfield Cup also generating some fantastic betting opportunities for Kiwi punters. The Caulfield Cup is a thoroughbred race that takes place every year and is run over 2 400 metres, therefore creating the opportunity for a variety of different betting options for punters.

Caulfield Cup Betting Tips

The fact that the Caulfield Cup is a thoroughbred race essentially means that it will undoubtedly attract the attention of some of the very best competitors, whether referring to breeders or horses that hold numerous trophies and titles under their belts.

A Group One handicap race, the Caulfield Cup never ceases to attract some of the most seasoned bettors, who generally enjoy and engage in some of the more complex bets, such as betting on groups of competitors and wagering on multiple racing events.

Fortunately, punters don’t have to be seasoned to participate, with simpler wagering options like Place and Win bets available. Place and Win bets allow punters to pick their favourite horse to bet on what position they may place in the race.

Bets and Returns

Held just 3 weeks prior to the Melbourne Cup at the Flemington Racecourse, the Caulfield Cup is one of the major feeders for the aforementioned race, with those that win in the Caulfield Cup automatically given entry to the Melbourne Cup.

This ultimately makes the Caulfield Cup as important as the Melbourne Cup for many seasoned punters, and especially considering the fact that the odds are exceptionally close in the latter race.

Moreover, when it comes to betting on the Caulfield Cup, it is extremely beneficial to compare some of the best horse racing betting sites that offer their various odds, remembering that all are competing for punters’ business.

Things to Consider

It is all well and good having a plethora of online betting sites available to New Zealand punters, however, it is also, if not more, important to be well aware of who they wish to place those bets on.

There is no single person that could predict the outcome of the race, but there are many that look at past winners for guidance, keep up to date with tips and news and consider the horses, the jockeys and the track in the Caulfield Cup before placing their bets.

These factors, combined with a dash of luck, could essentially mean a win for both the horse and the person placing the bet.