Prop Betting Explained

Prop bets also known, as proposition or side bets are the types of bets directly related to a single sporting event but do not affect the direct outcome of the game.

Punters from New Zealand familiar with novelty betting will likely understand prop betting with greater ease.

Prop betting is a common sports bet option for just about any sporting market. Punters from New Zealand will be delighted with this nifty handbook, which explains prop bets and what they entail.

The Proposition Bet

All prop betting is concerned with placing wagers on an outcome with a definitive conclusion. Proposition betting is popular because of the shear variety of possible wagers on any single sporting event.

The most common types of exotics are placed on an individual or team performances throughout the specific sporting event.

There is no clear structure to prop betting practice. Punters from New Zealand opting for prop bets have a wide variety of specified outcomes to choose from outlined by any given bookmaker. With this in mind prop betting virtually has no limitations.

Defining The Prop Bet

The prop bet has no boundaries and as such could never be defined. Common types of prop bets vary from the length of a sporting events opening ceremony to the team to score first in soccer bets or any sporting event.

Kiwis seeking a better understanding of prop betting should consider the most basic types of prop bets, which commonly offered by most bookmakers.

This handy guide dissects the basics of all you need to know about prop betting on mobile betting top 10 sites in New Zealand.

Performance Based Props

Performance based prop bets are amongst the most common prop bets offered to punters by bookmakers. Performance based prop bets can be linked to the entire team or to individual brilliance.

An easy example of this is the over or under prop bet. In the over or under prop bet the bookmaker sets a number, it is your choice to wager higher or lower that number and depending on the outcome of your prediction, you have the potential for big wins.

For Example, the prop line on Dan Carter to convert 5 penalties in a game. Punters simply wager over or under that amount.

Yes Or No Prop Betting

Yes or no prop betting incorporates a multiplicity of possibility and is often called a time filling incentive bet.

The bookmaker will pose a question, for example will there be any red cards in the first half of the rugby match? The yes and no will be associated with American odds where each selection is represented by positive and negative values and their proportionate wagering amounts and take. You simply have to state yes or no to activate your wager.

The Strategic Prop Master

Punters from New Zealand in quest of prop betting need to understand that prop betting is a wager that cannot really be accounted for.

The nature of prop bets in general is irregular, affording punters with more entertainment style of betting on sports fixtures. The best prop sports betting strategy is your ability to source the best odds on the most likely occurrences.

Certain bookmakers offer better prop betting odds as an incentive to play other sports bets with the provider. Make use of the Internet to locate the best prop betting odds and understand statistics in sport to adopt a better betting strategy that will yield better returns on prop betting wagers.