The Biggest CFL Upsets 

The CFL or Canadian Football League is no stranger to dramatic events. Like the NFL, the CFL is a league with raw talent and major upsets. Players and teams come out of nowhere to bring transition to an ever-evolving sport.

Constantly evolving and adapting the CFL like the NFL is a rampaging sport with interchangeable values at its core. The sport is strong and the following stronger, Canadians embrace the sport for its much-loved display of pure harmonic aesthetic and culture found in that of the NHL.

We take a look at the biggest upsets in the 2015 CFL in order to give Canadian punters a better understanding of the games intricacies. The following information is based towards Pick ‘Em players, we found this information helpful for players in quest of top trumping sports betting tips for the next big CFL season.

Week One

The Eskimos in week one of CFL were at 85 per cent favourite of public opinion amongst Pick ‘Em players going into week one of CFL.

The major upset came as Harris destroyed Chris Jones at defence. The Argos won the game 26-11, dashing week one hopefuls.

Week Four 

The talking point of CFL by week four, Rakeem Kato, threw 264 yards and the winning touchdown to S.J Green. Resulting in a 17-14 home win over the much anticipated rivals the Ticats.

Week Five

Ottawa in late July graced the stage as clear underdogs, defending the Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders.

Public opinion gave the Redblacks little to no chance to upset Calgary at home.

Then an 84-yard catch and stampeding run by Chris Williams, which was his first touchdown for the almighty Redblacks, led Ottawa to a highly unlikely victory. As the season drew to a close, Ottawa gaining more presence, the team had become favourite contenders for the championship.

Week Ten

Like the NBA, the CFL is a game of consistency. Teams come and go, yet consistent performance always clinches the victory and public opinion, which puts any team in full sway of the public eye.

Despite a victory over the Ticats in week four, the Alouettes were 95 per cent underdog going into the game against the Ticats.

New legend Rakeem Cato sparked controversy with his injury, this did not deter the Alouettes. The team went on with hope and complete optimism, stunning the field with a 26-23 victory.

Second to none, the Alouettes victory over the Ticats proved to be the second biggest upset of the CFL season.

Week Two

Let’s face it, Rakeem Cato blazed into CFL greatness. The newcomer with ambition, the youngster was making his day-view appearance.

Cato nailed eighty percent of his passes and threw an astonishing 241 yards and three touchdowns in the game. On the obverse side, the Stampeders only gained three points in the first three quarters.

The Alouettes sealed a ground breaking 29-11 win over the opposition. Clearly the biggest upset of 2015, putting public position and sway on its head for the first time in history.