The Biggest NBA Underdog Wins 

The NBA or National Basketball Association is ruled by top playing teams. There is no room for underdogs in this game, where the top consistent performing teams are set for victory in the road to the finals.

Fans of the NBA will recall NBA greatness, where Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls charged the team to victory a whopping six times. The presence of Shaq and Kobe in the Los Angeles Lakers lead the team to three consecutive victories.

Rooting for the underdog in the NBA at betting sites is not far off. There have been dramatic upsets in numerous finals that have led to inspired victories. We have the biggest NBA underdog wins in all history for players from Canada seeking insights into the NBA.

Number One 

The Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, even though the Cavaliers had somewhat of a triumph over all other teams in the association, the Golden State warriors put the Cavaliers at a distinct disadvantage in 2016.

The warriors recorded the best regular season record in NBA history in 2015/6. Since the NBA is all about consistent team performance and with the Warriors at the distinct advantage of one victory short of back-to-back championships it all seemed set for 2016.

The Cavaliers stormed in and won all three required games, pushing them to their first ever NBA championship.

Number Two

The Dallas Mavericks in 2011, with the Miami Heats in full force the Dallas Mavericks stepped up to the shooting hoop and clenched victory from right under the Heats noses.

The Mavericks pulled out some stunts and effectively won their last three games of the series, they knocked the Heat out of the finals with the spectacle and went on to stun the league by clenching victory in 2011.

Number Three

Miami Heat in 2006, not breath taking or absurd but poised and well noted. Miami struggled early in their clash with the Bulls. Even though Miami won in six games, public opinion suggested that they were not the best team participating in the NBA that year.

Trampling over the New Jersey Nets and the Pistons, Miami fell victim to the Dallas Mavericks 0-2. Surging from nowhere Miami fought back and went on to win four consecutive games and the NBA championship.

Number Four

The Detroit Pistons in 2004, placing as number three seed in the Eastern Conference, closing in at second place in the Central Division, the Detroit Pistons defied thoughts and battled their way through the NBA hall of fame, overcoming great teams including the Milwaukee Bucks, The New Jersey Nets and The Indiana Pacers, only to put their backs up against the likes of O’Neal, Bryant, Gary Payton and Malone in the 2004 NBA finals.

The Pistons were a shocking upset for numerous NBA fans, stealing NBA victory in just five games and schooling all spectators.

Number Five

The Houston Rockets in 1995. With the Rockets claiming victory in 1993 and 1994 they came into the postseason in 1995 as the top underdog. The Rockets were at number six seed that year. No team lower than fourth place was set for NBA victory.

The Rockets came out in force, trailblazing their own road to victory the Rockets smashed through the likes of Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Antonio Spurs and eventually Orlando Magic in the NBA final of 1995.

Number Six

The Washington Bullets in 1978, a long time ago and nearly forgotten, the Washington Bullets deserve good mention. They were the team with the worst record to ever win an NBA final championship.

The Bullets took a beating full magazine style. The team prevailed and bounced back winning the final two games of the series. The Washington Bullets are the biggest underdogs to ever win an NBA final.